BMW has updated its US configurator to include the X5 and X6 for 2024, so be ready to empty your bank accounts.

We're not only referring to the base model up to the M60i, but all the way up to the

M. The entry-level X5 can be had for $65,200, while the sleeker X6 can be had for as little as 

$73,900. You're going to find out that even if you use the configurator to its absolute limit

you won't get anywhere near the base price of the flagship XM.

The fully-loaded X6 M, which is now only available as a Competition variant, is seen here

Prices start at $127,200 base price without options and increase by $3,600 to include Frozen Pure Grey Metallic paint from the Individual catalog.

 There are four different sets to choose from, one of which is black and the other three of which are two-tone.