If you missed out the first time around, Ford is resuming sales of the Mustang Mach E this year

 so your patience has paid off. The base price of the crossover SUV is now $42,995

 down $3,000 from its previous listing. 

The base price of the AWD version has also been reduced by $3,000, to $45,995.

 They're more competent cars overall, with a standard range of 250 miles (RWD) or 226 miles (AWD) thanks to lithium iron phosphate batteries

 From 10% to 80% capacity on a DC fast charger now only takes 33 minutes, and home AC charging is more likely to fully charge them.

BlueCruise's hands-free highway driving hardware is now conventional. 

 It's still locked behind a paywall, but you can try it out for 90 days and activate whenever you're ready